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Data, (formerly Research Now and Survey Sampling International) is a global online market research firm based in Plano, Texas and Shelton, Connecticut. initially founded in 1999 in Dallas Texas by Hal Brierley and Mort Meyerson, the company was called E-Rewards, Inc. E-Rewards had grown fast to over 100,000 clients in a just few months, and it was named in 2007 by Inc. magazine as one of America's fastest-growing companies.

A current and anonymous Interviewer assures that at Dynata there is a very childish culture and you should be ready for it in a review written for INDEED: If you are an efficient, hard worker who values making a company better by trying to point out flaws in their scripting which you are REQUIRED to read word for word and you are the type of worker who does your job well and you thrive on recognition and performance, DO NOT APPLY here. Although a flexible position, management is made up of very young people, many from other countries, which leads to very childish handling of concerns when it comes to you trying to discuss things with team leads or supervisors, all they are concerned with is "being right" and "getting the last word". It's made up of a young childish platform of leads and management. They won't care about hearing what needs improvement. It will always be more about them "always being right" and that's it. It's NOT for the professional adult. If you know what you're here for and that's all you care about and you can ignore some of the childish antics, then, go for it ---- Just clock in, work, do the job, and clock out. Let the rest of the issues be their problem. They won't appreciate you pointing things out to them. They also specialize in calling people to do healthcare or political poll surveys which they claim are "non-biased", but they are very one-sided in "leading" people to voting for a certain political party which you will learn once you start reading certain scripts.


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Production Specialist Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"Working here had it own daily rewards. Especially when you had the kind of team that would greet you at the beginning and end of you day. The daily grind was a roller coaster of tons of work to no work at all. During the down time I spent a lot of time creating training documents and assisting in problem solving activities such as logic analysis, project direction, and data analysis. Management was very hands-off but, left enough flexibility to grow or hang yourself. The co-workers/team environment was split by teams where no one was responsible for other work for another team. The hardest part of my job was getting a day off. The most enjoyable part was getting the day off when no one called. Free drinks, a party every now and thenmanagement sucked"

Joe Williams says

"Joined for few months towards end of 2019. Was okay to start with I reached Diamond membership (top level) and managed to accrue over 10000 opinion points in total. Around January last year I appeared to stop being offered surveys and account always said no surveys available. Contacted customer service and they kept on saying same old wives tale that I am registered in another country which is an absolute lie. Basically they don't want me to be awarded any further avios and are cutting costs. Luckily I always redeemed all my opinion points promptly when I reached redemption amount and luckily only have 150 opinion points left on account which is no great loss. Avoid at all costs and don't bother wasting your time!"

Greg Turnbull says

"They got in touch to see what I had done. They asked for information to see my account. They have never got back in touch & I don't think they ever will!!
They just keep your points & never will give them out!
A terrible company!!!"

robert layton says

"Rubbish! Spent over 15minutes on a survey before I lost connection. Unable to log back onto it and it offered me a new one! No thanks this happened a couple of times. I contacted support who asked the subject of the survey,survey number etc I don't have that info so don't waste time with them."

Angela M says

"These people will basically take your time and money. I was a member for years and then all of a sudden AFTER I had saved $499 they cancelled my funds. I went to claim a reward and it said error. I waited a couple of days thinking there was an online problem, it still didn’t work so I had to email them. After 6 day’s they finally said they cancelled my account. No reason was given and of course it still let me do more surveys. I emailed back and forth for 2 weeks asking why. They told me due to security they cannot tell me. WTH!!! How dishonest and they are thieves. I spent SO much time answering the surveys and was never told there was a issue. I still don’t know what happened"

L says

"I too have been a long time survey taker of e-Rewards. I have now had turned in points for a Starbucks gift card. I had enough for a $100 gift card, but e-Rewards claim that it is only $25 you will receive.

Now, with the $25 certificate that they sent the code for when I transferred that number to Starbucks the amount of the certificate is $0. Yes, ZERO Dollars. I got the proof, but when I send it to them I get no concrete reply. Just saying that someone will look into it. I did have one person that seemed to have a heart and replied. I stated all I want is the $25 that that certificate was to have, not zero.

No reply, no $25 nor any other amount for the Starbucks.

Yes, unfortunately, I too will say Goodby to e-Rewards."

Steven Kivimagi says

"This company has sunk to the lowest depths. Learn from all the bad reviews and cash out asap and close your account. The same thing has happened to me that has happened to everyone else here leaving bad reviews. I was a diamond level user for 5 years and cashed out dozens of times with no issues. All of a sudden last week I stopped getting any new surveys were I was getting over a dozen a day in the past. I e mailed support and got the same phoney canned response everyone else was getting that I had multiple accounts and have left untruthful answers. This is total BS. I only have one account and have always been truthful in answering all the questions. The company has suspended my account and confiscated my remaining reward balance. My next step will be to file a complaint with the BBB. If that does not work I will file a suite in small claims court."

Upset user says

"Over 10 years a diamond member. Out of the blue blocked, no explanation (at least a real explanation; not the we’ve seen something but we don’t tell you what we’ve seen). I had over €200 of value in the account. This is awful way to get an extra money buffer. I wish them zero new clients.

Collect your rewards ASAP and stop giving them your data."

Ina says

"I received an email saying this:"e-Rewards Medical invites you to share your expert opinion in an online survey. You will be compensated for completing this study. This survey is presented by e-Rewards Medical, a leading provider of real world insight for the healthcare community." They promised me £15 for a 15 min review. After spending roughly 30min to write the review (it was clearly much more comprehensive than what they initially said) I realised it could have been a scam so I emailed them back asking for my 'reward'. As you can imagine nobody replied. They're a con and I wonder now where did they steal my email address from?! Never again for me!!!!"

Mr Mark Swain says

"This company are about as bad as they get. Scammed me into joining with false promises about sign-up rewards that never materialised. When queried, they wouldn’t take responsibility. Spending half an hour completing a survey to be booted out and basically called a liar was the final straw. Save yourself the hassle and don’t bother. Mine and your time are worth more than these wasters. And God only knows what they do with all your data!!"

customer says

"Do not believe any of the false 5* reviews, read the genuine comments. This site is a travesty, hosted by a terrible company that will terminate your account for no suitable reason simply by refreshing your cookies or browsing history every one in a while"

Linda Lu Cannon says

"Very bad. This company is known for defrauding people out of their rewards. It’s a complete waste of time. You will not get your subscriptions, either. Please save yourself the frustration and disappointment! The support people are the worst, not helpful in the slightest. When I asked why they deleted my account with $52 in rewards, the rep “Mariel” literally said “I don’t know and I don’t care.”"

customer says

"Was able to redeem my points only once, and now no surveys show up and previously available rewards have also disappeared, instead they show the banner that they will be available in 48 hours due to upgrades???? It has already been a few days since! Waste of your time so STAY AWAY!"

leayon storm says

"ukrewardspot.co.uk!!! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GIVE ANY OF THESE PEOPLE YOUR BANK DETAILS!!! No matter what you sign upto to, to receive you're so called "reward" which all want access to every part of your phone and the ability to (write and delete emails, texts, and an abundance of other things) no app should need all those permissions. How would you know if they had read and deleted emails informing you it's a scam and inserted an email of their own reviews giving it 4 or 5 stars! ,believe me its It's easy to do. I will be reporting this company to the appropriate people. I wonder how many people have actually recieved any of the vouchers including the £100 argos one or Visa voucher, the more I refused the higher the amount went until it was a £1000 Amazon, Visa or any amount of others, I urge others TO REPORT IT TO THE RELEVANT AUTHORITY,As there's rules and if looked at properly I'm sure they are in breach of them The faster people do this then the faster it will hopefully be taken down!"

T S says

"Sadly, e-rewards has gone down hill since the new website launched. There are so many glitches and crazy things going on with the surveys and rewards points that I have lost interest and trust. Just last night I had 21 in e-currency. A few minutes later I look up and it shows a -13.00. I am a Diamond member. How do you get a minus while accumulating points?! I also had trouble using gift cards inside the stores over the holidays. Everyone at e-rewards was OUT for the holidays and could not answer emails. The new website now only issues gift cards that can be used online while the terms say inside the store too. The new website is NOT improved. The retail clerks acted like I was trying to pull a fast one when the gift cards would not work at the register at Macys. These have been terribly disappointing experiences. I put in MY time doing the surveys and currently feel like no one is home at e-rewards anymore. Like they don't care if this company is functioning correctly or not. Tonight the surveys are stuck on 1 survey that does not work. Click on the survey and it takes you back to the expired survey. I also cashed out for a magazine subscription in December 2019 and still have not received anything. Also, I cashed out Hilton points last month and it still says on the dashboard $25.00 PENDING. The old e-rewards worked great. This is now a disaster.
If things do not change SOON I will have to say goodbye. Not going to waste my time with a system that has stopped working. They should at least have the decency to explain what is going on with the company. Be forth right with participants. ZERO stars."

Steve Waite says

"Been with them for many years but of late they are very bad. I have been waiting for two rewards dating back several months. They state you have to wait 28 days but other rewards were paid in 2 days. They say it was my fault as I gave them the full Nectar account number, but this has made no difference in the past as the number was entered automatically. I keep getting emails when prompted by me from their Texas USA office saying they are looking into it, but nothing. I have since terminated my account."

C Rhodes says

"Used to be reliable (I have been with them for several years) but now there are always problems of one sort or another. In particular, the site regularly fails to recognise my login and when I ask for a link to be emailed to me so I can reset the password the email never arrives. Takes 2-3 reports to them before they do anything. Then the my new password only works for a couple of days. Luckily I managed to redeem most of my points before things got really bad. Have now given up on them."

Pam Hidenrite says

"The rewards offered are terrible if you are not a frequent traveler. Now Macy's is even gone. I have a great deal of points but nothing to spend them on because of the once-in-90-days rule. They love us doing their surveys every day and earning big bucks for them. But they don't care if we are getting nothing in return."

Mrs Janette Evans says

"Also in UK.
Since launch of new website i have been unable to redeem my points for any Reward as site just says no Rewards available !
Customer service just says "Thank you for your e-mail.

We are still tweaking a few things to optimise the brand new website. We apologise that not all reward options are available at the moment. However, please note that this is just temporary. All reward options will soon be available again, so do keep an eye on your rewards sections.

Thank you for your patience and understanding."

Looks like i will lose the ability to get any Avios this month because of it due to their one redemption in 30 days only ruling:-(
Really not good enough !"

Bob Mclintock says

"Like other members, out of stock on avios rewards message. Are e-Rewards about to go under? This year the service level has been bad with complaints ignored and more stringent reward qualifications introduced to reduce the redemption levels"

Zola says

"I have been a member for a few years but just recently I received a email about filling out a tax form. A tax form? I never read anything on the site about gift cards being counted as income...
This company Dynata is very deceptive and wasn't clear in the fine print exactly what they are about, pertaining to the earnings & the other companies they operate with."

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